Contest Winner

Phoenix Jones Announces the winner of the ‘Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse’ Comic Contest…

After receiving hundreds of entries we’d like to announce the winner along with a couple of honorable mentions. The comic panels were judged on three criteria:

  1. Creativity – individual style
  2. Awareness – how well does the panel convey the message ‘Everyday Heroes Against Abuse‘ ?
  3. Inspiration – does the panel encourage others to speak out against domestic abuse?

The winner of the contest:

Luke Molver of Durban, South Africa.

‘After being born at a very early age, Luke W. Molver was raised by a pack of feral cockroaches in the seedy underbelly of slumburban Durban. Upon completing his degree in Graphic Design, he realized he hated Graphic Design and vowed never again to hawk his soul to fat little corporations wanting logos for their diabetic vegetarian low-calorie toothpaste. Instead, he threw himself into comics and illustration, which he reckoned gave him slightly more creative freedom.’ Luke Molver, an incredible and talented artist is also a hero, much like the ones he draws in comics, as he uses his special skills to help people less fortunate than himself. Luke submitted multiple entries in the contest and all fit the contest criteria…we actually had a hard time deciding which of his entries to choose!

An honorable mention goes to Lou Graziani for designing the Purple Reign Logo.

Lou Graziani is the creator of the Cy-Boar Comic Series. ( as well as an I-Phone App Maker, Illustrator, Web/Graphic Designer & Photographer who resides in the small town of Lexington, Ohio with his wife, 2 kids and a dog. Lou recently contributed to Comic Creators for Freedom, an effort by comic artists to raise money for victims of human trafficking. He is currently teaching a class at the Mansfield Art Center on comic book creation for kids 8-12. You can contact Lou through his email: or twitter: lou_graz73