Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness in Art

Domestic Violence

I recently discovered the talented Sherrie Thai, an artist who uses her amazing talents to help promote causes that are important to her. I am honored to share a piece of hers called “Trapped” which she has used to raise awareness about Domestic Violence:

Trapped by Sherrie Thai “I’m a strong believer that everyone has a gift enabling them to make a positive difference or change a view. Mine happens to be art.” ~ Sherrie Thai

Q & A with Sherrie Thai of Shaire Productions

  1. What inspired or motivated to you to create “Trapped” and raise awareness about domestic violence?
    “Trapped” was created for a local event benefiting a women’s shelter and I saw it as a good opportunity to bring awareness to an cause that interested me. There have been women in my life who have gone through domestic, emotional and verbal abuse. In some cases, domestic violence seems to get swept under the rug as it’s deemed a sensitive and private topic. Unfortunately, there are gender issues and stereotypes that still exist, excusing crass behavior towards women.
  2. What message are you trying to share through this piece?
    This piece is about the emotional effects of domestic violence. The outer scars can fade, but there’s still a fear, sadness and vulnerability that exists. Many DV images I’ve come across deals with the physical scars and while they are dramatic imagery, I wanted to explore the pain that exists beyond that.
  3. Can you tell us about the fundraiser/charity event for the local DV shelter that this piece was featured at?
    Sure, “Trapped” was part of the “Yearning to Breathe Free” community event, held at USF for “La Casa de Las Madres”, a local San Francisco DV shelter.
  4. What is your artistic background and experience?
    I studied Graphic Design and while it is my main bread-and-butter job, my main passion is in Illustration and the Fine Arts. Not a moment goes by that I’m not creating, thinking or researching for a new piece. My online shops and entities gives me the freedom to explore that creativity in new media and styles. I always have a camera and sketchbook by my side, as there’s so much inspiration out there.
  5. Do you have any future goals to focus on Domestic Violence or other causes in your art?
    When I have the time and opportunity, I try to create pieces that I feel strongly about, whether it’s DV, genocide, natural disasters, etc. I’m a strong believer that everyone has a gift enabling them to make a positive difference or change a view. Mine happens to be art.

Here at the Purple Reign Campaign, we encourage people of all backgrounds to be a hero and speak out against abuse. You don’t have to put on a costume and hits the streets to ‘fight crime’. Everyone has their own unique talents and abilities and we love to see people using them to make a difference in their community whether it is through art, music, poetry, culinary talents, or even offering service and labor.
If you know someone who is making a difference in their community in a creative effort please let us know by sending an email to

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